How Foreigners Get Chinese Driver's Licenses in China

In the first case, If a foreigner does not have a driver's license in his/her country, he/she need to go to a legal driving school in China.

Learning content includes two aspects: relevant laws and regulations and driving technology training. After studying and passing the exam, you will be given the Chinese driving license.

In the second case, if a foreigner already has a driver's license in his or her home country, you only need to replace it with a Chinese license. (no driving school required)

In the past decade, we've helped thousands of foreigners get Chinese driver's licenses

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Chinese driver's license classification information
license category Corresponding to the driving model Corresponding to the driving of other models
A1 carryall A3、B1、B2、C1、C2、C3、C4、M
A2 Heavy trucks, medium trucks, B1、B2、C1、C2、C3、C4、M
A3 A bus carrying more than 10 people C1、C2、C3、C4
B1 Medium bus (city bus with a nuclear capacity of 10 or more and a capacity of 19 or less) C1、C2、C3、C4、M
B2 Heavy and medium-sized cargo vehicles;
Large, heavy and medium-sized special operation vehicles
C1 Small and micro passenger vehicles and light and micro vehicles
Light, small, miniature special operation vehicle
C2 Small and micro - car and light and micro - car
C3 Four-wheel farm transporter C4
C4 Three-wheel truck
C5 Small and micro automatic passenger car for disabled persons (only right lower limb or both lower limb disabled persons are allowed to drive)
D Two-wheeled motorcycle with any displacement, three-wheeled motorcycle with any displacement E、F
E Any 2 wheeled motorcycle with displacement F
F The engine displacement is less than or equal to 50ml, and the maximum design speed is less than or equal to 50km/h